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The story of Hamilton United Methodist Church began in 1809 when Bishop Francis Asbury visited our area and preached in the little Newman's School House. At that time Hamilton was known as Shark River Village, a sleepy farming village made up entirely of farmers and their families. These spirit-filled people held worship in private homes.


Jonathan Youmans, the founder of our church, moved to Hamilton in 1812 and in 1833, with the assistance of a group of spirit-filled men, purchased a piece of land at the top of the hill on the northeast corner of Old Corlies Avenue and West Bangs Avenue for $40.00. On this site they built our first church building, known as Youmans Chapel, which was completed in 1833. Since it was the only church building between Long Branch and the Manasquan River, it was often filled to overflowing with people from all over the shore area.


Our second and much larger church building was completed in 1890 and became a well-known landmark with its steep roof and towering steeple. On November 6, 1940, a tragic fire completely destroyed our church building. Our third church, a brick building, was built on the same site and was consecrated on October 12, 1941.


Years later, a two-story education wing was constructed and on Thanksgiving Sunday, November 22, 1953, two hundred fifty Sunday School children eagerly moved into the new classrooms. A larger sanctuary was built and was consecrated on February 18, 1962. In 1990, the church dedicated the expansion of our facilities with a new Narthex entrance.

God has richly blessed the Hamilton United Methodist Church. We prayerfully seek God's leading for the future and "His Spirit Still Leads On."

Today, through the grace of Jesus Christ we are living, worshipping, sharing fellowship, working, studying, meditating and praying to be God's love in action.

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